Master Moy

Wing Chun website of my Sifu Master Moy.

Master Moy teaches classes in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Wilmslow in the UK.


Master Moy also organises seminars for his Sifu Grandmaster Tse in Manchester.

Tse Qigong Centre


Official website of Grandmaster Tse, featuring a wealth of information about the various traditional Chinese Health and Martial Arts skills taught to him by his famous and revered teachers, including Wing Chun with Grandmaster Ip Chun.

The website also includes information about seminars throughout the world. Grandmaster Tse teaches classes in London.


Qigong LeideN


Learn what it really means to relax.

Study traditional Chinese Qigong with the Tse Qigong Centre. 

Relaxation, good posture, meditation, better health and more.

Lineage of Grandmaster Yang Meijun, via Grandmaster Tse and Master Moy.