Sifu van Zon

Sifu van Zon learned Wing Chun from well-known Master Moy, chief instructor of the Tse Qigong centre. Through the centre he was able to meet his Sigong, Grandmaster Tse, and feels privileged that he is able to train with these Masters on a regular basis.


Apart from Wing Chun, Sifu van Zon also has experience in Chun Yuen Quan (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu) and Qigong. Because of these skills he knows even more about good posture and relaxation, which are also very important in Wing Chun. All these skills are taught in the Tse Qigong Centre, founded by Grandmaster Tse. 


Through the Tse Qigong Centre it is possible to meet even more brothers and sisters and train together, which helps with reaching a higher level of skill. Apart from that, it is possible to join seminars and residentials which are taught by Grandmaster Tse himself! The centre feels like a true family and it is a special feeling to be part of this family.

Sifu van Zon with Grandmaster Tse in London